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Children's Books

Coming Soon...
Tales from the Harvest Moon Sanctuary

​    *Daisy's Dilemma:
         Daisy finds friends in places she never expected

      *Too many Caterpillars!         

           A tale of a school project gone wrong

    *Baby the Kitten who Couldn't Purr:
         Just when Baby thought she would never find love...she does

   *Alice the Absent-Minded Bee:
          Alice can't remember any of her chores - is there a place for her?

    *Charlotte's Search for Milkweed:
         Without Milkweed, Charlotte can't lay her eggs! Where does she go?

     *Susie's Feet:
         While Susie the duck doesn't like her feet, they wind up saving the day!

     *Curious Alfred:
        Frogs are supposed to be afraid of snakes, but Alfred finds one that's                  afraid of him!


     * Mozart - The Magical Spider:
        Mozart loves music and his webs show it

      *Alaska the Amazing Newfoundland:
        How one dog changed a family's life


      *Tubby Gets Lost:
       A turtle's adventures after one wrong turn

      *Murphy's Adventures:
      Why going places without mom and dad can be fun

      *Lucy the Lunar Moth:
      Teaching lessons of life in the most beautiful of ways


      *The Feather Chest

        The amazing gift of collecting feathers

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