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What is Your Body Saying?

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

During the 70's, things in New York City were a bit tough and for that reason, I learned early on to read body language. When I would board a train, the first thing I would do is quickly look over the passengers. Were any of them edgy, drunk, too observing? If so, I'd move to the next car.

As a salesperson, this habit came in handy. By observing how someone was sitting, fidgeting, or changing their facial expressions, I could tell whether I was losing a customer or had them interested. Their posture and body movements allowed me to know how they really felt, which helped me understand where to direct the conversation.

Body language is an important tool to use everywhere. It's how to know if your boss is not happy, if your kids are lying, or if your employee is hiding something. It tells us to tread easy or plow ahead with our conversations. It often reveals to us what the person does not.

In Joe Navarro's best selling book, WHAT EVERY BODY IS SAYING, he dives into the many aspects of reading body language and discovering what a person is really thinking. From facial changes, to posture poses, to hand gestures, Navarro gives us some invaluable insight into how to read people.

Take the time to not only speak to people but to understand what they are non-verbally saying as well. Body language is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to be one step ahead of the conversation.

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