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And Just Like That...

The year is over and it feels like we are back to where we were last year. Almost. But, not really.

As 2021 came to a close, no one wanted to deal with cancelled holiday parties, quarantines, and COVID. Yet, we all did. These last years have taught us many things, but certainly the two that stand out in my mind are--things change on a dime (see below how that old term came about) and humans are resilient and adaptable.

When the news of Betty White's passing hit yesterday, I thought of what that incredible lady had seen in her 99 years. Born when women were flappers, she would live through the depression, two World Wars, the Vietnam War, see ice boxes traded for refrigerators, watch horses displaced for cars, see planes became the norm for transportation, witness the 60's revolution, be transported into the magical world of the Internet, and so much more. Yet the one thing most of us remember about Betty White is her infectious smile and upbeat attitude. While she was alive the world bounced and shifted and each time she learned to tap dance to its new rhythm. And so must we.

Someone asked me the other day what I thought things would be like in New York for a March visit. I chuckled to myself, not sure what tomorrow will be like. But, I'm an optimist and encouraged them to come. So are my feelings about the year upon us. I believe disruptions will settle down. We are not over COVID, but we are making great strides in placating it. The supply issues are still out there, but by mid-year they should calm down and manufacturers will soon be back in control. Inflation is upon us, but our history shows that we are used to these cycles of economic change, even though our memories would prefer to think otherwise.

The most important lesson we can all learn is that life changes--just like that. Embrace it. Appreciate it. Find reasons to enjoy each day rather than complain about it. Take time to watch a sunrise, listen to a bird sing, sit with a friend, plant a garden, read a book, lose your phone for a day, take a long walk, give hugs, write letters, shut off the news, meditate, exercise, find ways to regain moments of your life rather than lose them in the depths of social media. Make 2022 the year that you reclaim the things that are important to you - and just like that you will find the wonder and happiness that life has to offer.

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